GURU ProFit + Motion Capture (coming soon)


The most advanced system for helping the customer find the right bike an.d fit Combined with the most sophisticated software it allows the fitter to execute the most precise fit quickly and efficiently. The most exciting function of the GURU Experience is once the fitter has captured the right fit for the customer it will actually tell you what the exact bike is for the customer, the size, the make, the model and the details of how many spacers underneath the stem, the angle of the stem, and the length of the stem. The GURU Experience makes real-time adjustments to your riding position on command, allowing you feel these changes while pedaling. In addition, the system's integrated power unit allows you to test your power output and pedaling efficiency. GURU's proprietary software captures individual riding positions... which can be compared to one another at the push of a button. The GURU Experience optimizes your performance to deliver the perfect balance of comfort and efficiency, allowing you to ride longer and faster on your perfect bike.



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