Mud, Blood, Guts and Glory at the P2A

A right of passage into spring for many riders and racers, the 2012 Paris to Ancaster event drew a huge crowd of cyclists of all levels and capabilities, including recently retired British Cycling Pro Roger Hammond, and Canadian Olympians Sue Palmer-Komar and Leigh Hobson. In what can only be described as one of the toughest editions of this Ontario Spring Classic we had a large group of Team and Club Racers participating along with almost 2,000 others in a race that became a battle of the elements.

Racers fought, rain, winds, mud, more mud… and still more mud. Following this event our best wishes go out to Duke’s Cycle Cannondale LapDogs racer Rob MacEwan who suffered a big crash early in the race. He went down hard enough that medical attention was required. Please know that he’s okay and will be racing again soon. Very special kudos go our to several LapDogs…, Robin, Ben, Tom, Michelle, Kate and Peter, who noticed that something was up with Rob. They all stopped and sacrificed their own races to ensure Rob was okay and waited by his side until medical attention arrived. A very classy gesture by all.

An additional shout-out comes from our injured Rob to Giro helmets… which, in his own words, prevented him from suffering a more serious injury. Sadly… the helmet did not survive the crash.

2012 Paris to Ancaster, Team & Club Rider Results

  • Jennifer Crake, 1st , Women, 40-49
  • Andrea Bowker, 8th, Women, 40-49
  • Lenka Branichova & Alex Sanchez, 6th, Mixed Team
  • Bevin Reith, 99th, Men, 30-39
  • Stuart Duncan, 132nd, Men, 30-39
  • Edmond Melina, 24th, Men, 40-49
  • Jouko Haapanen, 45th, Men, 40-49
  • Lorne Anderson, 54th, Men, 40-49
  • Barry Cox, 113th, Men, 40-49
  • Mark Besednik, 124th, Men, 40-49
  • Mark Montgomery, 153rd, Men, 40-49
  • Stephen Hart, 315th, Men, 40-49
  • Peter Kraiker, 169th, Men, 50-59