Bike Fit = Comfort, Power & Performance

Written by Duke’s Cycle Cannondale LapDogs Racer and Club Member, Dr. Kate Morgan

Suffering through 5 hours of the 8-hour with a sore back taught me one thing: the importance of bike fit. Over the few weeks leading up to the race I had started a dangerous game of putting my saddle ever higher and higher to gain precious climbing power that I felt was getting more elusive as we got into the O-Cup season. Although my climbing got faster, my back started to complain. Loudly. Especially my QL muscles (quadratus lumborum is pictured below for those who are interested).

No foam roller or tennis ball self-massage could get out the kinks.

So, I bit the bullet and decided to have a bike fit done by Michael Cranwell at Dukes. I had invested in my dream bike, the previous summer and had bought a new Crank Brothers Cobalt 11 carbon flat bar that I was itching to try out and I wanted to get it all just right. Enter Michael with his goniometer, laser level and experience.

I can’t remember how long he spent with me, but it was a long time. He put my saddle back down to where I had started, moved my cleats, moved the saddle on the rails, fitted the new bar, measured the steam and voila… my back was finally quiet.

Through the most technical and bumpy course of the season at Hardwood, my back didn’t even enter my mind. I’ve never been so happy. Plus, I came second! This fit was the best value for money I can imagine.

I encourage you all to see Michael and his magic tools.

Editor’s note: To make a bike fit appointment at Duke’s Cycle , please got to the online Bike Fit Request Form .