Cannondale Factory Authorized Sale

Duke’s Cycle is very excited to offer you some special pricing on a choice selection of 2012 Cannondale Bikes . We have brought in over 80 bikes this Fall to give you a wide range of choice in models and sizing for Road, MTB and Urban Bikes.

Now is the time to secure an awesome new ride from Cannondale.

Here’s a sneak peak at what we’re offering…

2012 Cannondale SuperSix Family . Super… Defined! With two Grand Tour Victories in a single season, the SuperSix has winning in its blood. We’ve brought in three models for you to choose from.

SuperSix Di2 Ultegra $3,999.99 [regular $4699.99]

With Shimano’s ultra-sharp and precise Ultegra Di2 drivetrain, this bike is well-equipped to take on all. Whether you’re racing, participating in a Gran Fondo, ripping it up with the local club or just out with friends on a Sunday Ride…. stay ahead… stay in front.

SuperSix 3 Ultegra $2,899.99 [regular $3299.99]

Tried and True… the Shimano Ultegra equipped SuperSix is one sweet bike. Everything the rider needs. Light, stiff and precise, this bike loves to be ridded fast. After all, it’s used to winning!

SuperSix 5 105 $1,899.99 [regular $2399.99]

Every inch a SuperSix, the Shimano 105 equipped bike offers up entry-level value, with a high-performance ride. Without compromise, this bike is the perfect launch-point for the rider who wants to take that their riding to next step with a frameset designed for speed, precision and confidence-inspiring handling.

We also have terrific savings on other fine 2012 Cannondale products… including Road Bikes, Cyclocross Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Commuter and Urban Bikes.

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LapDogs Strava Charity Challenge, Looking Back… and Smiling

Written by Gerry Ugalde, LapDogs Cycling Club Member.

This was my first year back on the bike. After giving birth twice in a 13.5 month span and being diagnosed with a major illness, I doubted I would ever be able to ride hard again. Last year I got ahead of myself and signed up to join the LapDogs Cycling Club only to find that my health and motherly commitments meant I could only make it out to two rides. Deflated by not defeated, I signed up again this year. You see, after watchingthe Lapdogs at races for a couple of years, I knew they were the type of group Iwanted to belong to. As a spectator I found it odd that many teams almost seemed to have an air of animosity – some might called it competitiveness – but not the LapDogs. Even though they are serious cyclists and racers, whenever I saw them at a race they were united and smilng. And there were one of the few teams with women!

So when the time came to sign up again this year, I was quick to get my registration in so I could ride with the pack. And then reality set in; teaching high school, having two small boys and being married to a cyclist doesn’t leave much time for me to ride. Luckily the LapDogs were out early on Thursday mornings so I could do some hill repeats with them before work but again, I was always rushing. I spent the summer cycling alone because I could never make a group ride and well, most people don’t have 9am to 3pm off in July and August.

Just as I was thinking the season with the LapDogs would see me with only having ridden a few rides with the club, the Charity Challenge came to the rescue. The challenge was to commute to work as much as possible for the month of September all the while raising money for charity. I was in luck! In June I had be transferred to a new school in Scarborough, 25 kilometres from my home in Bloordale. During the summer I had done a couple of trial runs on my bike to figure out the route and timing, but I wasn’t convinced. The LapDogs Strava Charity Challenge spoke to me: here was my chance to do something with the club at my own pace and on my watch.

The day after Labour Day I set my alarm for 5:45 am (gulp) and set out for Markham and Lawrence. To my suprise the ride was faster than I thought (though it still felt really far) and although I had to ‘shower’ in the girls’ changeroom hand washing station, I soon found my groove. Day after day, week after week, the rides got faster and I got stronger as I varied my routes. Into Rosedale Valley and up Pottery Road, or along the Danforth to Danforth Road, I started to learn that the East end really isn’t so bad and that the cyclist in me is still very much there. The highlights of my rides included racing strangers on ‘segments’ of my route that others had plotted out on Strava, and of course seeing a fellow Lapdog riding in the opposite direction.

At the end of the month, not only had I saved money and lot and lots of time (work-out and commute at the same time!), I also finally shed the last 5 pounds that put me back at my pre-baby and illness weight. Oh, and I won the women’s division of the commuter challenge to boot! Being able to compete again was so much fun that I’m now following other LapDogs and virtual strangers on Strava so that I can race against their time.

Thanks LapDogs for thinking outside of the box and coming up with this great event!

Editor’s Note: The LapDogs Cycling Club proudly supports the local charity, Ability Gives , which helps to provide mobility solutions for developmentally challenged kids

Upgrade of the Year

Written by Barry Cox, Duke’s Cycle Cannondale LapDogs Team Member

So…as my first season as a member of the Duke’s Cycle Cannondale LapDogs  Mountainbike Race Team draws to a close, I find myself looking back over a great year of riding and thinking about what worked, and what didn’t.  I, like everyone else on the team, had the privilege of being sponsored by some great organizations, and using some great products.  My Continental X-King tires kept my bike on the trail.  My Giro Xar helmet kept my noggin safe from harm, my Oakley Racing Jackets helped me see what I was doing, and my Egg Beaters [pedals] and Sidi Dominators [shoes] put every bit of the meagre power I generated on the trail.

But the best piece of sponsor gear?   The one that made my feel the best when I was riding?   The one that made me go the fastest?   The one that got me noticed?  That’s easy.  My LapDogs race kit, courtesy of Sugoi .

We’re talking Sugoi RS bibs and jersey here.  The best bike shorts and jersey I have ever owned.  Period.   Every race, every club ride, this is what I wore.  And at the end of the season, it looks good as new.  More importantly, it’s comfortable.  If you’re going to spend a long day In the saddle, the last thing you want is kit that doesn’t fit properly, or even worse, chafes or rubs in places that should not ever  be mentioned on this blog.  I wore my Sugoi team shorts and jersey for the Spring Epic 8, which I rode solo, and for a 225km club ride I led called the Tour de Caffeine, and had zero issues, while looking darn good in the process.

And that’s the most important thing about my team kit.  It just plain looks good.  Credit for this goes to Dukes’ very own Michael Cranwell. Mike, in a past life, was a graphic artist.  While we’re all very glad he found his true calling as Dukes’ general manager, and the LapDogs president, he also happens to know a thing or two about making stuff look good.  Mike’s eye catching and unique design is the icing on the cake, and the perfect complement to the great functionality of this apparel.

Bottom line:  when I put my Sugoi Team Kit on, it just makes me feel fast.   And if I feel fast, I ride my bike fast.  That is why joining the Duke’s Cycle Cannondale LapDogs Mountainbike Race Team, and having the privilege of wearing this kit, is the best upgrade I made this year.

But even better, my team kit is going to perfectly match the Cannondale Flash 2 carbon 29er I just ordered for next season….

Amazing Fall Savings at Duke’s Cycle

Hey Folks… rather than heading to the Fall Bike Blow-out, we’ve decided that we’d rather offer you some fantastic Fall savings here at the store.

That’s right, avoid the crowds, confusion, congestion and admission fees. Drop by Duke’s Cycle on October 12th, 13 th and 14 th for three solid days of in-store “Amazing Fall Specials” on over 150 Road and Mountain Bikes

Here’s a sneak peak of what we’re offering:

  • 2009 Cannondale Six Carbon 1, 60cm, $1999.99 [regular $3999.99]
  • 2010 Cannondale Six Fem, 51cm, $1999.99 [regular $3299.99]
  • 2011 Trek Madone 4.5 WSD, 50cm, $1699.99 [regular $2349.99]
  • 2011 Cervelo S2 Ultegra, 56cm, $2699.99 [regular $4199.99]
  • 2012 Cervelo S5 Ultegra Di2 [assorted sizes] $3999.99 [regular $5999.99]

See you this weekend…

Two LapDogs at Vermont 50 Mountain Bike Race

Written by Alex Sanchez, Duke’s Cycle Cannondale LapDogs Racer.

We headed south to test our endurance and climbing legs on one of the most popular races in the East Coast (it sells out in minutes). This 50 mile course proved to be an epic adventure with around 500 racers.

The early start (6:00 AM) in late September meant we needed lights for the first 30 minutes or so. After that some riders dropped their lights at the first feed zone and continued. The first half of the race featured very long climbs on gravel roads, it was a foggy morning so the top of the mountains was covered, but as the sun came out we were treated to beautiful views of the Vermont country side from the top, then we had some exhilarating descents.

On the second half of the race, a plethora of sinlge track provided racers with fun but also with more challenges as some sections were very technical  lots of rocks, roots and tight switch back climbs.  By the end of the race it started to rain again and the temperature dropped considerably, but there was one more hill to climb: the top of the Ascutney ski resort. The finale was going in zig-zag from the top on wet slippery grass on a ski slope. Few times finishing a race felt so rewarding.

Looking forward to next year!