Guru Bike Fit @ Duke’s Cycle

Now in operation at Duke’s Cycle…

GURU Bike Fit Experience . The future of Bike Fit and Cycling Performance Evaluation.

The GURU Experience fit system enables cyclists of all ages and experience levels to find the perfect bike. Using industry-leading technology, the GURU Experience precisely tunes your riding position based on real-time feedback – and delivers a tailored bike recommendation to match your riding preferences. This innovative process makes it easy to find the best bike for your personal needs and maximizes your riding performance to deliver the best possible cycling experience.

The GURU Experience makes real-time adjustments to your riding position on command – allowing you feel these changes while pedaling. In addition, the system’s integrated power unit allows you to test your power output and pedaling efficiency.

GURU’s proprietary software captures individual riding positions – which can be compared to one another at the push of a button.

The GURU Experience optimizes your performance to deliver the perfect balance of comfort and efficiency – allowing you to ride longer and faster on your perfect bike.

GURU Fit Services include the following:

  • GURU Road Basic Fit – $150
  • GURU TT/TRI Performance Fit – $200
  • GURU Road Bike Performance Fit – $20 0

Duke’s Cycle is very excited and proud to be part of the GURU Fit Family.