Ibis demo day with Duke’s

‘Not-at-the-bike-show’ Spring SALE

A question that we hear on a daily basis at this time of year, “Is Duke’s at the Toronto Spring Bike Show?”

For a few years now, we have chosen to opt out of the madness. We absolutely agree that the bike show can be a fun experience and a great place to score a good deal ( and we know everyone wants a good deal ! ) but the flip side is that it can also be an overwhelming place to shop if you don’t already know exactly what you want, and how it should fit.

From a bike shop’s perspective, it’s a rushed, noisy and less-than-ideal environment to try to deliver the kind of attentive and thorough service we feel you deserve when you are parting with your hard earned $$.

Historically, we do A LOT of ohdearwhydidIbuythat# Guru bike fits in March. Just saying.

So, here’s where we are at: We’ve got great things to sell, and we will give you the same kind of crazy Gary Duke stamped deals, but without the entrance fee, line ups or bad pizza.

We’ll have time for your questions and we’ll make sure whatever you buy fits right and meets your needs. Further, if you stop by Dukes right after shopping the show and find something to buy for 30 bucks or more- we’ll pay your bike show entrance fee. (proof of payment required). Just mention Promo Code -GARY. We will also be running our specials for the week after the show to give you a bit of time to sleep on your investment. No rush, no pressure.

We’ve just updated our website with a fresh crop of super #notatthespringbikeshow specials on all kinds of bikes, clothing and accessories. Come by for a visit, say hello and take a bike for a test ride! We look forward to it!

Yours truly,

Gary, Lisa, Steffan, Lorne and all the Staff at Dukes.

P.S.: We’ll be adding new specials daily, make sure to check back soon!

Duke’s is hiring!